Monday, April 9, 2018 from 9am – 2pm


David Hakamaki, Cr.Photog., hails from beautiful Michigan in the United States. Operating a full-time home-based studio and living in a small, rural community, David has gained national recognition for his work and is now known as the “Home Based Photography Guru”.

David started out in the business world and later opened his photography studio in 2002. His studio quickly became the highlight of his region, through his unique style & client interaction. He has taught business, marketing and economics at multiple colleges. He trains photographers on all aspects of posing, lighting, client relations, business and marketing across the globe. David serves on Simply Color Lab’s Simply Seniors Speaking Team and is one of Savage Backgrounds’ Featured Photographers.

His presentations not only focus on photography, but dig deep into the art of sales, marketing and client interaction. David uses his vast knowledge and expertise of business and photography, as well as his background teaching college business & economics, to pass on established “real world” business practices in easily understood concepts to his audience. Having intimate knowledge of the pitfalls that todays photographers encounter, David uses his fun, quirky and dynamic teaching methods to offer a unique approach in presenting easily attainable solutions to all levels of photographers.
Never to be called “boring”, David’s style has a vibrance and unpredictability that keeps his audiences riveted throughout the program and excited to incorporate all they learned.

David is a proud member of WPPI and PPA. He serves as Education Coordinator for his local Business Networking International (BNI) group, is highly active in his local community, serves as a Girls travel softball coach and roams the globe with his family in search of adventure.

Chasing (and Capturing) the Elusive HS Senior

How do you grab a 17/18 year old’s attention and make them want to hang out with you? Much less, how do you attract clients who will pay you for their taking their senior portraits, rather than lose them to the “buddy with a camera”, hobby photographer or competitor. Why does your Senior portrait business be so difficult to master? David will assist you with marketing yourself to the elusive and fickle HS Senior client.

David talks social interaction, marketing, senior reps, client interaction, location selection, photo processing and sales sessions. Dive into the deep end and find out how his sales have tripled by approaching the HS Senior market from an unconventional angle. David shows the secrets that has made his studio the HOT studio for HS Senior Portraits. David’s techniques work in either the small town or big city and out of the home or in an established brick and mortar studio.

To make David’s studio really stand out, he has incorporated an interactive technique in his sessions called “Live Viewing”. David will demonstrate his “Live Viewing” process that allows the client to immediately see what is being photographed, as it displays on a tablet device, that has his clients immediately telling their friends how unique the session was.

David’s program will assist you with developing a Senior Referral program that brings in more clients than traditional (and expensive) marketing. He will also show you the process his studio uses to display images to his clients, conduct a highly effective sales session that brings in top dollar sales, implementing an incentive program that encourages the client to continue purchasing and developing a stellar customer marketing network. This program blends photography and business and allows the audience to take these tips and immediately see results in their HS Senior market. Allow this session will bust you out of the pack and make you the cool place to go.