Jim Chagares M.Photog., Cr., MEI., F-ASP

In 2007, Jim received the ASP Gold Medallion Award from the American Society of Photographers for his Loan Collection album entry “Messengers to the Creator.” His album was also chosen as Album of the Year by Professional Photographers of America. In 2008, Jim was the first to receive the ASP Gold Medallion Award twice for his album entry “The Otter Family”.

In 2009, Jim and his wife Deb received the ASP Regional Medallion Award for their multi-maker album. Their entry scored a 100 at the Mid-America Regional Conference.

Jim’s album “Yellowstone: Backcountry Journey” scored 100 at the 2010 Mid-America Regional Conference and Jim was again awarded the ASP Regional Medallion.

Jim is a five-time recipient of Indiana Photographer of the Year award.

He has held the Indiana Digital Imager of the Year title for six years.

In 2003, Jim won the Photographer of the Year title at the Mid-East States Regional print exhibit in Columbus, Ohio.

Jim is also the recipient of the Canon Imaging Excellence Award from Professional Photographers of America.

Jim has placed in the Top Ten Indiana photographers for eleven years.

Jim’s image “Majestic” was selected to be a part of the American Society of Photographers’ Photographic Hall of Fame. Majestic was then selected to appear on the 2001 Loan Collection Book cover.

He is a four time winner of the Professional Photographers of Indiana Platinum Award for the highest scoring image.

Jim received the ASP State Elite Award for the highest scoring image four year.

In 2018, earned “Diamond Photographer of the Year” with four album entries. Jim has had a total of thirteen Loan Collection albums.

Jim served as a nationally approved photographic exhibition judge for the Professional Photographers of America fourteen years.

Sunday, October 3, 2021 from 330pm – 530pm

Backcountry Journey

Prior to opening his portrait, wedding and commercial studio in 1988 Jim taught elementary school for 14 years and was a professional musician. Jim began making the transition from film to digital in 1995. This was long before digital instructors, digital cameras and affordable scanners. Files were being scanned by service bureaus, manipulated and a new negative made for traditional printing.

He is fortunate to make his living as a portrait photographer, a dream come true. It is no secret, however, that his true passion is nature photography. He loves the challenge of the elements be it sub zero weather, snow, poor light, wind, rain, sweltering heat or insects. He cherishes his time in nature telling the story of animal behavior that most people rarely get to see.

Jim is dedicated and passionate about wildlife photography, patiently waiting for animals to share their life with him in the wild. It is his vision to capture and share the beauty of wildlife and nature with others.

Jim’s program will look inside his camera bag. He will discuss the equipment he uses to create his images from cameras, lenses, binoculars, GPS and other accessories. He will share his auto-focus techniques and camera settings for creating perfect exposures with fast moving subject and ever changing lighting conditions. He will also share his undocumented techniques for creating the sharpest images imaginable.

Jim will demonstrate his postproduction Photoshop techniques that will make your images rival others. He will take you through the deep recesses of Photoshop. If you know Photoshop well enough to get around, but aren’t using many of the advance features, this program will prove invaluable in raising your awareness and skill level to new heights. The latest insider tips will teach you how to create and edit images with expert results. Learn how to apply techniques to real-world situations.