Sunday, April 8, 2018 from 8am – noon

MARK McCALL M. Photog, M. Artist, Cr., CPP

Mark has entered and judged in PPA style photographic competitions in Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, New Mexico, Arkansas, Virginia, New Hampshire, Mississippi and Alabama.
His list of Awards includes:
5 Best Out of State Awards
8 Time Photographer of the Year
3 Time TPPA Top Ten
Best of Show, SPPPA
Best Wedding, SPPPA
Best Electronic Imaging SPPPA
High print score, TPPA
Best Groom, TPPA
Best Bride and Groom, TPPA
Best Aerial, TPPA
2 Time Fuji Masterpiece Award

***This is more than just a Print Competition Class. You will learn how to improve your client images as well.***

“Absolutely nothing will raise the level of your work faster and more completely than entering into Print Competition”.

“Entering Print Competition gives you more confidence when shooting for clients”.

“Commentary from Jurors are like gold, a literal verbal road map to creating superior images”.

“We learn nothing from good images. We learn from the bad ones”.


Not only will you learn how to make better competition images, you will also learn to take your CLIENT images to the next level.

“What are the Judges looking for”? Sounds familiar, right? Follow Mark’s journey into the often scary world of PPA Print Competition. Learn the tricks that have brought him success in TPPA and PPA Print Competition. We’ll turn the 12 Elements on its head and give you Mark’s version of the 12 Elements that will shake up everything you’ve been taught. This is real life, not just words on paper.
You’ll leave with the knowledge and confidence to get those print merits…and get them regularly.


  • One type of image almost always merits. Find out what it is and how to create it.
  • Two subjects are usually better than one, find out why.
  • See Mark’s SECRET WEAPON he uses in almost every competition piece he enters.
  • One thing will drive down the score of any competition print. Find out what it is and how to avoid it.
  • Learn how to squeeze an extra point or two by paying close attention to an overlooked area…the mat!!!
  • Different Levels of Competition
  • See the Juror’s Charge, the video every Juror must watch before sitting on a panel.
  • Storytelling goes a long way. Learn to tell or create a story within your image that can make a less-than-perfect image score much higher. PPA ranks Story Telling as #12 on the list of 12 Elements, but Mark has it ranked #2!!! See the completely new 12 Element List!
  • Find out what type of paper to use with what type of image.
  • What mounting material?…yes, it makes a difference.
  • Learn about printing, subject matter, where to find inspiration and most importantly, learn what the judges are looking for and what they’ll ding you for.
  • Learn to use PPA’s own rulebook in your favor to earn the coveted Photographer of the Year Award or Medalist Awards.
  • Entering client work vs shooting for Competition. Which is better? The answer will surprise you.
  • Printing your work vs entering digitally, which is better? Another shocking answer!
  • Hear a few of Mark’s funny print competition stories….real things that have happened in Print Competition.