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Rules & Prizes

Contest rules:  All submitted images must have been captured at either the AAP Mardi Gras event held on February 26, 2017 or at the Spring Photo Fest held April 8-10, 2017, and captured by a PPLA member in good–standing. Images captured by coaches or presenters at either event are not allowed for entry.

Members can upload a maximum of six images – 3 per event. For the purposes of this contest, the same model can appear in multiple images but must be in different poses. Image titles shall not include the makers name. Each image is to be sized 1,920 pixels on the long side at 150 dpi, and saved in sRGB as a jpg.  Image enhancements of all types are allowed and should be done by the creator or done under the supervision of the creator.  All submissions must be completed by 5:00 PM CST on Saturday, April 22, 2017.  All images submitted that contain a model will automatically be shared with the model.

Voting will begin at 12:00 Noon CST on Sunday, April 23 and will remain open until Tuesday, May 9.  Voting is open to the public.  Persons wishing to vote on their favorite images must register an email address with PPLA prior to voting and each registered voter should vote for one entry per day.  The winners will be announced on Thursday, May 11 via email and will be posted on the PPLA website.

Three prizes will be awarded; the creator of the single image receiving the most votes will win a complimentary Print Case Submission to SPX, a $95.00 value. The next images with the highest votes, one from Mardi Gras and one from Spring Photo Fest, as well as the overall highest scoring image, will receive a "Distinguished Print" ribbon and will have their images displayed on the home page of for no less than on month.

All questions are to be directed to Yvette Ponthier at or to Karla Byron at