Gena Tussey

Growing up on a small farm in East Tennessee, I longed to see the world and experience things completely different from my home. I joined the USAF and received not only a job classification in Immunology but also in Combat Camera…which came in handy while photographing High School Seniors and Underclass for Lifetouch from 2002-2013. With those skills and my background education in Interior design and a passion for upcycling, I was able to open my first brick and mortar studio in December 2013 and ultimately bought and built the permanent Gena Tussey Station House Photography at 306 Memorial Drive, Maryville Tn, during the Covid 19 pandemic…so anything is possible!

I joined the PPA in 2008 and received my CPP in 2012, Master Artists in 2023, Master of Photography in 2016 and Craftsman in 2018. I also received my first GIA finalist for 2 images in the 1st Creative Open category in 2019 and received my first Grand Imaging Award for “Fly me to the Moon”, which was fine looking goose, MaGoo!

I was also a finalist for a GIA in 2021 in Restoration . With 2 Bronze Metals and a Silver Metal all obtained in portraits of people and pets.

In 2022, I earned a Platinum in Master Artist; Restoration 2 GIA finalists for 2022 Restoration, IPC50, Elite Plus and another 25+ merit bar. AND became an Approved PPA Juror all in the same year!

I am an avid animal lover and enjoy what quiet time I have been mistreated, screamed at and poked by my 3 geese, a thug duck, 2 parrots and a Blue Tick coon hound who apparently thinks I simply hold down the other side of the bed.

My enthusiasm and excitement about what we are blessed to do everyday for a living, brings all participants the joy of photography…except for the cats…they’re not overjoyed by it…just somewhat amused.

Monday, July 17, 2023 from 3:45pm – 5pm

Tuesday, July 18, 2023 from 10:45am-12:30pm

Fluffy Butts