To all the  photographers in Louisiana.  We all take pictures now a days with our phones, iPads, cameras etc. We admire and appreciate the beauty in your images. You are the reason Louisiana looks so beautiful. Realize that everyone of you have something to say and to show. We would like to know about your images. Show us your images and tell us how you captured them. Lets join together to show the beauty in our state. All of our images are about love, wisdom and our search for happiness and understanding. What does it mean to capture the soul? We would like to showcase a people’s choice top images at our state convention. In our capital city Baton Rouge.
We know that you have some beautiful images of your family, friends, birds, flowers, the culture, land scapes, wildlife etc. Let us showcase your love of this life. Register below to enter the showcase. Come back and vote for your favorite image from the entries between May 1 to July 1, 2022. Winners will be announced July 5th. Leaderboard updates will be posted periodically!