President’s Message 2022

Focused on a brighter tomorrow!
Wow! For the second year in a row we had to cancel SPX because of a virus and then hurricane Ida. With an uncertain future we must look at the things we can control.
Some peoples lives are filled with more hardships than others, but make no mistake every life’s journey has some tough stretches. Everyone is tested on this journey.
The real leaders will step up when the path gets steeper, and more difficult.  Adversity is a large part of life and the sooner we come to terms with that reality the easier life will be for us.
When the wind and rain is against our face and part of us wants more than anything to turn back. Pack it in give up. At times like these is when leadership steps in,  we may need every virtue in our arsenal to help us stand fast. Perseverance, self discipline, courage, responsibility, integrity, etc. this is where your leadership skills are tested. This is where you will see those people who stick to their assignments and build upon our strengths. Remember man cannot be perfected with out trials. You don’t get  master’s degree by waiting on someone else to get you there.
A Chinese proverb says: any real achievement and worth while prize will probably come at the cost of a few failures.
We chose to be here to help and support our members. To help them with their photography as well as business. In the past we have invited some of the best photography and business owners to speak at our events. We will continue doing the same this year. We will also have pop ups and member2member programs.
As we enter this new year. We are excited about the new opportunities that await knowing that it will be  challenging. Bring our past forward we realize that success will come from the education, connections and hard work we have put in thus far.
Our board of directors has a relationship with a shared purpose. We are here to inspire you to find your voice in this industry and to encourage you to grow in confidence so that you will be able to inspire your fellow photographers. This common vision is what our leadership is built on.
Stay tuned to our web site for what is coming up.
When it is time to do a daring deed, take on a tough task or face the unknown there is no better allies than PPLA’s board of directors.
The ultimate test is not whether we meet our goals but how we conduct ourselves along the way.
Be inspired to become great,
James. W. Byron
2022 President
Professional Photographers of Louisiana