President’s Message 2021


My name is Chantal Fontenot

I joined The Professional Photographers of Louisiana 9 years ago. I have been a member, board member, secretary, vice president, served on many committee’s and now president.

When I first joined the Professional Photographers of Louisiana, I never dreamed in a million years that I would be a real professional photographer let alone your president. The girl who did not know how to take photographs the way a master photographer did. The girl who did not know anything about lighting or posing. The girl who pushed a dolly with a garbage can on it which contained my light stands for laughs and because of course it worked. The girl who sat at McDonalds many days and nights because I could not get a good Wi-Fi connection at my home to edit photos. I didn’t know I would be tremendously blessed at my first PPLA convention in Baton Rouge with a mentor who would teach me everything I needed to know and who also has so much more to teach me. I did not know I would meet the most amazing friend who would build me up and breathe so much encouragement into my life that would move mountains in my business. The stories are endless of the people who have helped, donated their time, and even equipment to me. Too many to name but you all know who you are. I didn’t know that The Professional Photographers of Louisiana was a stepping stone to the Professional Photographers of America where I would then be recognized as an award-winning photographer along with PPLA’s awards.

None of this would have happened if I had not jumped in. When no one else wanted the position, I jumped. Not only did I jump in, but I jumped in afraid! Afraid of many things! Afraid to even write this message to you today. I took a risk that would change my photography life and open so many doors to many friendships that I will treasure forever.

PPLA is currently being revolutionized by the most amazing PPLA team this year. It is filled with fun, adventure and a wealth of golden knowledge that will follow your photography career forever. I encourage you to jump! Jump into the new PPLA. Be a part of the team. We need you.

Do it afraid!

Your President,

Chantal Fontenot