Spring 2020 Digital Photographic Competition

King Of The Mountain

A great way to enter the world of Image Competition is at PPLA’s annual Spring Seminar. The entry is only $40 for up to 6 digital entries. Competition is also a great place to learn how to improve your client work. With the critiquing you receive during the competition and/or after by speaking with the judges, you can find out where you need to improve (posing, lighting, composition etc.)

Anyone can enter competition but only Active dues paid members of PPLA are eligible for awards and trophies. Anyone interested in entering this Digital Photographic Competition should familiarize themselves with the rules by downloading the FINAL RULES 2020 SPRING SEMINAR.PDF

Register your digital image by going to PRINTCOMPETITION.COM. If you have already registered in the past, enter your email address and password at top and click log-on. Then choose the correct organization and date to register for. Follow instructions to pay for your “Digital Image Case” and to start uploading and registering your images.

If you have never entered image/print competition before, click “free registration of new user” and create an account. Then follow instructions.