The PPLA Fellowship program includes a “State Merit Program” that recognizes members with “State Merits” for Photographic Achievements and for Service to PPLA, PPA, and to the profession of photography. The two “State Degrees” act as “stepping stones” towards the PPLA Full Fellowship. The State Degrees are the PPLA Service Degree and the PPLA Imaging Artistry Degree. The Service Degree was named in honor of Ralph Plaideau, Sr., a long term PPLA sustaining member/supporter and PPLA Honorary Life Member. The program requires that a member earn both degrees in order to be eligible for the Associate Fellowship. The Full Fellowship Degree requires double the number of State Merits in each category (Service and Artist) to qualify for consideration.

PPLA Service Degree

• Must earn 25 service merits
• Will be awarded a purple ribbon
• Will receive a Silver tinted Louisiana PPLA Medallion with the first Degree ribbon earned.
• Medallion to be worn attached to ribbon and transferred to any subsequent ribbon earned and to be replaced only with the PPLA Fellow Medallion

PPLA Artist Degree

• Must earn 25 Artistic Merits (13 Merits must be earned by entering in the PPLA State Print Competition)
• Will be awarded a Green Ribbon
• Gold Louisiana Shaped PPLA Medallion to be worn attached to ribbon.

PPLA Associate Fellowship Degree

• Must achieve the PPLA Service and the PPLA Artist Degree (50 merits, 25 from each category)
• Will receive a gray ribbon to replace current ribbon.
• Gold PPLA Artistry and Silver Service medallions to be worn attached to new grey ribbon.

PPLA Fellowship Degree (the most prestigious Degree)

• Service Degree earned + 25 additional Services Merits & Artist Degree earned + 25 additional Artist Merits (Total 100 merits)
• Will receive a black ribbon to replace previous ribbon.
• Will receive a Black enamel Fellowship Medallion

Click here for the document explaining the PPLA Fellowship & Degree program & earning merits.